In Search of Adventure

Freeport Ruins 6

May the 4th be with you

Member shares: 4975 gp, 2 sp

Magic: Potion of gaseous form, Potion of Sweetwater

Renew: Tattoos (Caster Level, Attacks per round, WIS, Spell slot, All saves, AC), stoneskin (1d4+5)


Water running down the stairs…like a waterfall. Stairs ahead, to the left. to the right is a hallway with three doors. Water runs right and left under doors. Check the single door: partially collapsed, hall continues on with one splitting right. Harry and Heavy lead through the rubble. Al and Tom followed. Then Fianna and Kaylin with Caeli. Room is 80 X 30, kind of U-shaped. A harpy body and an ogre body were in the pool of water. There is a hall to the left. Straight ahead is fully collapsed. Left and right are accessible. A large fountain is at the end of the hall.

Freeport Ruins 6

Al dropped a stone in the fountain and was enveloped by the mimic. Fianna threw 4 darts, killing it. On the right are double doors and cave-in on the left. Open the double doors-right has double doors and collapsed hall and the left has dining room and collapsed areas. The dining area has piles of debris and pillars. Stairs lead to a landing and as they pass a pillar the mimic attacks. Harry and Al attack with their swords (quickness and speed), killing it. Double doors on the right side of the landing.

Hallway to a kitchen. Blooming mustard plant smell. Very clean and collapsed. Could reach double doors through the rubble. There was a mustard jelly.

Freeport Ruins 6

Finding nothing of note, they returned to the dining room. Left and right halls. Left hall has double doors and another room. Flail snail in the room. Harry and Fianna threw darts. Tom threw lightning which was reflected back. Kaylin missed with a sling. It charged Fianna and she used her swords. Kaylin healed up with a spell and potion. Fianna believes the rubbled could be removed to gain access to the hallway.

They find a natural cavern. Finished wall and natural staircase (running water can be heard). Secret door in the wall has rubble. Al used passwall and they found another hallway.

Freeport Ruins 6

Directly across is a stairway next to a door. To the right is rubble. To the left is double doors. Harry kicked the door and found a parallel staircase. They opened the double doors and found a long hallway. Rubble on the right (clearable) and the back of a secret door. Rubble to the right and door across the way and a cloak closet. Another door, left is double doors and right is a collapsed temple of Vaprak. Hall to the right of the temple. Harry began hitting the temple with Heavy’s hammer. He was cursed (STR 3).

Freeport Ruins 6

They return to the cave and take the natural stairs down. Stream to left and right. Water filled passage across the way. There was a grell. It stunned everyone but Kaylin. She took it out with a fireball. Downstream (south) leads to large natural cavern. A crevice leads up. Broken pillars fell through. Water runs down the wall. Stream turns left. A roper grabbed Harry and Tom. Kaylin flew up and Fianna attacked with swords. Al cut Tom loose. It swallowed Harry and grabbed Tom. Harry and Fianna killed it. Four cave fishers grabbed Kaylin and Tom, missing Al and Fianna.

Freeport Ruins 6

Harry killed the one that grabbed Kaylin. Fianna killed one. Al attacked the one that took Tom. One snagged Fianna. Harry killed it. Continue down the stream and there is an opening up above. Huge natural cavern with slimy creatures. He reported back. Harry turned invisible and flew back up to fireball them. Harry, Fianna and Kaylin flew with their rings while Al flew on a broom with a cat. Tunnel led to a room and more tunnels.

Freeport Ruins 6

Barrels ahead! Water and beer. Wall to dining room was smashed. They decide to follow the worm’s path. Door, double door, more worm tunnels. Right-hand tunnel: crosses man-made tunnel passed a busted door. Circled around to other worm tunnel. They found two umberhulks. 8000 gp

Check doors. Square opening in ceiling—double doors. Dragonne body under the collapsed debris. Harry and Al began kicking down doors again, making sure we know where we were. Pool of water with harpy and ogre bodies. Harry approached and was dragged down by 4 water wyrds.

Freeport Ruins 6

Harry, Al and Fianna killed all four water wyrds.

50 gp bracelet

Clean stair…Harry falls through on the 4th and yells back to use the other stairs. Al followed down and Fianna and Kaylin went down the other stairs. Three pairs of ugly legs…ogres were on the floor. Harry and Al attacked, lost stoneskin and took them out.

180 gp (3 60gp sword sheaths)

Freeport Ruins 6

2 giant barrels of ale in little room.

Down the hall to a T. Stairs to the left, on the right are 6 sleeping ogres. Coup d’grace the ogres. (6 60 gp sword sheaths) 360 gp total

Go back down the stairs. 6 awake ogres. (6 60 gp sword sheaths) 360gp total

Door to the right, stairs left, hall straight

Freeport Ruins 6

Hole with a ladder and a tunnel with a ladder going up at the end. Backside of a secret door. Gold hoard (80 ft across, 100 ft deep)

Fianna wanted Forte to open up the mirror. He told them it was an illusion. 100 caltrips (5 gp ea), shelf with 500 gp of items, 356 gp

Secret door on the far side and double doors. Secret door: treasure room.

2 picture frames (200 gp ea), vase (160 gp), 5 paperweights (50 gp ea), battering ram head (1500 gp), chest with 843 gp, gold sphinx statue (780 gp)

Freeport Ruins 6

Kick down double doors: fire lizard being ridden by a derro

Harry and Fianna killed the lizard. Al hit the derro for 27 pts.

Backside of secret door led to previously seen—trolls! They fireballed the room, killing them. 4 gold sashes (200 gp ea), 50 gold rollers

double doors: gold collar and chain (5000 gp), fire lizard egg (5000 gp)

Freeport Ruins 6

Checked the other 3 doors: only the middle had evidence of needing to be explored. Sleeping mats and rubble. Another door (pit in front) led to another room with sleeping mats. There are sleeping derro and derro pushing a cart guarded by a troll. After killing the troll, they let the derro go. Harry kicked open the door and found a troll. They killed that one, too.

2 sashes (200 gp ea)

Freeport Ruins 6

Kick the door to the north—dining hall.

Rubble leads to door on landing and another door below.

Follow the rubble. 6 derro chained to the wall. Two derro are cooking. Two trolls are whipping the chained derro. Harry and Fianna killed the trolls. Harry drained blood from the trolls. Fianna released the derro.

2 sashes (200 gp ea)

Freeport Ruins 6

Dwarves work on pyramid as rubble trickles down continuously. 24 derro try to make a new winch system from the collapsed areas. After signaling for them to leave, the group headed back.

Crates of food, barrels

3 more doorways: bedroom with food, barrels and chalk writing

Freeport Ruins 6

The derro made a circle and attacked. Harry killed them with a fireball. They backtracked to the winch pit. Huge cavern with a swinging rope bridge. Building on plateau near us with double doors. Double doors across the bridge. 5 trolls-they were dispatched quickly.

5 sashes (200 gp), 2 human woman statue (2000 gp ea), gold bucket (45 gp), keg (45 gp), 4 cylinders-gold rollers (100 gp), 6 mugs (20 gp ea), roll of wire (10 gp), statue of rat (120 gp)

Freeport Ruins 6

They drop down the winch and see a 2-headed troll overseeing a band of 7 dwarves. Harry threw darts at the troll. 3 secret doors: open one bring gold, natural cavern, stairs.

Collect gold: 3 spears (40 gp ea), 9 daggers (25 gp ea), 12 axe heads (25 gp ea), suit of chain mail (1200 gp), broadsword scabbard (60 gp)

Tracks lead to a very hot area

Freeport Ruins 6

Two nervous giant trolls, 10 dwarves, 2 malformed giants (femorian), efreeti. After Kaylin went down and Tom died, they finished them off. Resurrected Tom with wish and Kaylin with spell.

4200gp in gems, chains (4000 gp)

Freeport Ruins 6

2-headed troll and giant troll run towards the group: Harry and Fianna fireballed them. Smelting room.

gold cart (300 gp), vase (55 gp), shield (200 gp), 8 rollers (20 gp), chandelier (300 gp), 9 arrowheads (9 gp), 11 daggers (20 gp), 12 spears (40 gp), bear statue (2000 gp), throne (5000 gp), 3000 gp

Leave amulet, take loot W902

Freeport Ruins 6

Shares: 11696 gp

Training: going to 6th, so 600 gp per class, 6 weeks per class

500 gp per skill (5 weeks)

Freeport Ruins 6

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