Kaylin Neya

Half-elf Fighter/Sha'ir/Cleric


Level 3/3/3

STR: 17
DEX: 16
CON: 16
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHA: 4

HP: 27

Air gen: Caeli (5000 gp)

Wpn Prof: Spcl Quarterstaff (2), Spcl Sling (2), Spcl Mace (2), Punching (1)
NonWpn Prof: Healing, Herbalism (2), Genie Lore, Religion, Mountaineering (2)
Intelligence: Read/Write Common, Alchemy (2), Swim

Equipment: Holy symbol, Vial of holy water, Deeppockets Robe, Belt, Riding Boots, Exceptional Staff, Sling (9 bullet, 5 exceptional bullets, 4 silver bullets, 2 exceptional silver bullets), Generic Explorer’s Pack

Money: 100 gp gem, 33100 gp, 130 pp, 33348 sp, 66666 cp


Magic Items
Staff of the Magi (10 charges)
Staff of Curing
Bracers of Defense AC3
Zagig’s Spell Component Case (7 X a day)
Girdle of Many Pouches
Ring of Air Elemental Command
Ring of Spell Turning
Ring of 3 Wishes (1 wish left)
Ring of Invisibility (Caeli)
Amulet versus Undead (7th Level)

Kaylin Neya

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