Windelfflute Zanzibar

Former member of the Zorian traveling circus and the Zorian Navy



“…Seek balance above good, evil, law or chaos. Fight to push back the encroachment of good just as you would the oppression of evil. Magic is the most important thing on Alterra, and it must be preserved so that the balance can be preserved….”

Raised in the Zorian circus with his brother Forte and sister Fianna, Windel traveled the world, entertaining audiences with feats of acrobatics, strength and dart throwing. The trio also played music, danced and sang for audiences. Additionally, they were all gifted Wild Magic by their patron diety, Boccob the Uncaring. Growing tired of circus life and motivated to leave by a wild surge of magic during one of his performances, Windel performed a rite in the desert forgoing his traditional magics, burning his spellbooks and binding himself to the Air Gen Ferozah. Then he joined the Zorian Navy along with his siblings and set out to further explore the world by sea, eventually leaving Naval service in the city of Freeport.

Windel purchased a keelboat and the trio formed an adventuring party with a Ranger named Harry and a Druid named Al. They set off across the wilderness to the Valley of the Howling Winds to seek out the Caverns of Quasqueton, the former fortress of Roghan the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown, who were rumored to have met their fates in Marovia.

After a successful and somewhat profitable foray into the caverns, they returned to Freeport and spent the Summer training and identifying their magical treasures. Eventually, they sold off their magical goods for money. Windel and Harry rented a grand house on the docks. This was also the time when Forte acquired a Bag of Beans from a local magic vendor and set off a series of events involving a Deck of Many Things. Not benefiting from the ability to control outcomes like his siblings, Windel’s soul was trapped in the Abyss with a Balrog nemesis after a pair of unlucky draws from the deck. Forte and Fianna reaped great benefits, leading to the formation of Zanzibar Village to accommodate their many keeps. They eventually retrieved Windel’s soul and used Wishes to defeat and destroy the Balrog’s soul.

As Fall approached, the party set of for the Keep at High Peak, where a treasure map Fianna had acquired from the deck led to an iron chest of a thousand platinum coins. They explored part of the Caves of Chaos, defeating a Gnoll tribe and looting an evil temple complex. They mined a wall of red amber for millions in gold pieces, using Forte’s Mirror of Mental Prowess to move the treasure to Zanzibar Village. This led to a second shopping spree at the magical goods vendor.

Race: Elf (high)
Class (kit): Fighter/Mage/Thief (myrmidon/sha’ir/acrobat)
Level: 5/5/5 (6/6/6)
Experience: N/A
Alignment: Neutral
Sex: Male
Age: 105
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 150
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Home: Freeport
Patron Deity: Boccob

STR: 18/100 (Hit-3, Dam-6, Wgt-335, Max-480, OD 16 (6), BB 40%)
DEX: 18 (Reac-2, Missile-2, Def-4)
CON: 9 (65% SS, 70% RS)
INT: 18 (Lang 7, Sp lev 9, Lrn sp 85%, sp/lvl 18, immune-0)
WIS: 4 (-2 saves)
CHA: 8 (3 Hench, -1 L, 0 R)

None: 335 lb, move 12
Light: 374 lb, move 9
Moderate: 413, move 6
Heavy: 452, move 3
Severe: 480, move 1

PPDM-13 (11)
PP-12 (11)
BW-15 (13)
Sp-12 (14 wisdom adjusted)
90% resistant to charm/sleep

Hit Points (D10+D4+D6/3): 30 (36)
Armor Class: 6 (-2 w/ Bracers/2 w/ a 9 HP Armor spell/8 layers of stoneskin)
All Out Defense (tumbling) lowers AC by 4
Half damage from falls up to 60 ft with tumbling check
No damage from falls of 10 feet with tumbling check
On a successful attack roll vs. AC 0 can catch small items thrown to harm him


Weapon Attacks Thac0 Damage Range Size Type
Longsword (15 GP) 3/2 18 (13) 1d8/1d12 (+8) NA M S
Quarterstaff (0) 3/2 18 (14) 1d6/1d6 (+8) NA L B
Dart (5 SP) 4/1 18 (12) 1d3/1d2 (+8) 1/2/4 S P
Punch (0) 2/1 18 (12) 0-2/0-2 (+7) NA M B

Weapon Prof (5): Spcl Darts (2) Spcl Longsword (0), Spcl Quarterstaff (2), Longbow (1)

NonWeapons (5): Ancient History (0/17), Firebuilding (0/3), Navigation (1/16), Seamanship (1/19), Singing (1/8), Rope Use (1/18), Tumbling (0/20), Tightrope Walking (0/20), Jumping (0/20), Genie Lore (0/9), Cooking (Trained/18), Seamstress/Tailor (Trained/17), Juggling (1/17), Religion (Trained/4)

Intelligence (7): Elven (0/18) Common (1/18) Read/Write Common (1/19) Musical Instrument – Flute (1/17), Spellcraft (1/16), Swimming (1/18), Dancing (1/18), Punching (1) Tumbling adds 2 to hit in unarmed combat (already figured)

Race/Kit Abilities:
Infravision 60 ft, detect secret/concealed doors (1,2,3 in 6, 10 ft), Bonus 1 to hit with longswords, shortswords and all bows, Surprise checks -4 (7 in 10 to surprise/8 in 10 with elf shoes).

1st Arabian: 70% 1d6+1 rounds
2nd Arabian: 60% 1d6+2 rounds
3rd Arabian: 40% (1d6+3)x10 rounds
4th Arabian: 30% (1d6+4)x10 rounds
5th Arabian: 20% (1d6+5)x10 rounds
6th Arabian 10% (1d6+6)X10 rounds

1st Cleric/Non-Arabian: 30% 1d6+1 hour
2nd Cleric/Non-Arabian: 20% 1d6+2 hour
3rd Cleric/Non-Arabian: 10% 1d6+3 hour

(With stone add 5% and reduce 3rd time to rounds)

Preferred Spells:
1st: Alarm, Armor, Cantrip, Comprehend Languages, Mending, Mount, Phantasmal Force, Read Magic, Unseen Servant
2nd: Continual Light, Deeppockets, Invisibility, Knock, Wizard Lock
3rd: Dispel Magic, Item, Protection From Normal Missiles
4th: Stoneskin

Thief Skills:
Pick Pockets: 95 (add 5 no armor)
Open Locks: 15
Find/Remove Traps: 35
Move Silent: 90 (add 10 no armor/add 10 more in elf shoes)
Hide in Shadows: 25 (add 5 no armor)
Detect Noise: 20
Climb Walls: 95 (add 10 no armor)
Read Languages: 0
Backstab: X2 (X3 w/ stone/add 4 to hit no shield or Dex bonus)


Gear & Property
Pale Green Prism Ioun Stone (Adds One Level)
Bracers of Defense AC2
Shirt of Poison Immunity
Ring of Regeneration
Luck Stone
Ring of Protection+2
Carpet of Flying (Two Person)
Girdle of Stone Giant STR
18/00 STR Longbow
4 Arrows+1
6 Arrows+2
4 Darts+2
Ring of Elemental Air Command
Amulet of Protection from Good
Draught of Stone to Flesh Potion
Pinch of Dust of Dryness
Bamboo Quarterstaff+1/Flute
20 Darts (One w/ Continual Light)
Deeppockets Robe
Zagig’s Spell Component Case (5/day)
Pearl of the Sirens
Wand of Fire (85 charges)
Wand of Lightning (97 charges)
Scroll: Teleport
Longsword+1 Flametongue
Boots of Striding & Springing
Small Stone w/ 180’ Continual Light
Elven Shoes
Folding Boat (Enchanted to Fly)
Climbing Kit with 200’ Silk Rope
Large Belt Pouch
Tobacco Pipe
Tobacco Pouch
Flint & Steel w/ Tinder Box
Ornate Belt, Knife+1 & Sheath
Diamond Dust in Pouch
Devil’s Claw Burrs in Pouch
Sheep Fleece in Pouch
Soot in Pouch
Salt in Pouch
Mineral Prism/Clear Crystal
Small Crystal Beads in Pouch
Piece of String and Bit of Wood
Tiny Bell
Very Fine Silver Wire
Piece of Turtle Shell
Sand in Pouch
Tiny Golden Needle
Fine Cloth Möbius Strip
Gum Arabic and Eyelashes
Horse/Mule Hair in Pouch
Red Granite Dust in Pouch
(10) Finely Cured Blessed Leather Strips
Owl Feathers in Pouch
Wineskin of Port Wine
5 Jars of Royal Jelly (Potion of Extra Healing)
(5) Pearls (@100 gp) in Pouch
Grand House in Freeport (1,500 GP Secured on the Docks w/ 1,500 GP Furnishings)
Keep in Zanzibar Village (Near Freeport) w/ Wizard Locked front door
Hunting Cat (Black Panther/Jaguar) “Smoke” (5 Layers Stoneskin)
Black Silk Robe
5,000 GP Wardrobe of Clothes

5,000 GP (House Chest)
-House staff includes a Butler, Cook and Maid for 5 GP a month in wages
-Windel pays an additional 45 GP a month in household expenses (ie. food, laundry, etc.)

Money Carried:
20 PP
20 GP
20 EP
20 SP
20 CP


Air Gen: Ferozah the Swift
Height: 11.5 inches
AC: 5 (5 Layers of Stoneskin)
HP: 15
#ATT: 1
THAC0: 17
DAM/ATT: 1d6
MV: 9/Fly 12, Man B (Fly 24 w/ ring)

Ring of Elemental Air Command
Ring of Shooting Stars
Veil of X-Ray Vision
Dust of Dryness Bead (75 gallons clear spring water)

Loot: 2,325 gp, 12 ep, 102 sp, 325 cp

Resides with Windel at his large house in Freeport or rarely his keep in Zanzibar Village.
Has nest of silks, linens, pillows, etc to mount on mast of Folding Boat when traveling.

42 PP
1,279 GP
120 EP
1,259 SP
22 CP
28 gems @10 GP
4 gems @50 GP
4 gems @100 GP
1 gem @500 GP
2 gems @1,000 GP


Black jaguar Hunting Cat: Smoke
AC: 6
HD: 4+1
HP: 21
#ATT: 3
THAC0: 17
DAM/ATT: 1-3/1-3/1-8
Spcl: Rear Claws d4+1
MV: 15
Only surprised on a 1
Leap up to 30 feet

Windelfflute Zanzibar

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