In Search of Adventure

Freeport Ruins 4

road so far

335305 in gold split among the party members: 67061 gp each

500220 in silver: 100044 sp ea

1000000 in copper: 200000 cp ea


armor, weapons


magic items


Things stayed quiet while the group obtained the lizardman loot. Then they scried the loft of gold. One duergar and five troglodytes. Fianna hit four troglodytes with darts. Al killed a troglodyte. Kaylin killed a duergar.
Fianna, Kaylin, Caeli, Al and Tom kept watch while the gold was passed through the mirror. An orog and 5 duergar arrive. Fianna hit 4 duergar with darts, Kaylin hit one with a sling stone and Al cut down the orog. Using the doors to the next room, they found the flagstone that led to the tunnel. They find the double doors and open them. 4 ogrillons and two troglodytes in this room. Fianna threw two darts each at the ogrillons on the right, killing them. Kaylin slung bullets at a troglodyte for 5 pts. Al attacked the two ogrillons on the left. Tom used a wand of lightning on the troglodytes and it bounced back to Fianna, Kaylin and Tom. Fianna and Kaylin saved, taking 9 pts ea. Tom saved for 9 pts. Al was engaged in melee with the ogrillons.

Freeport Ruins 4

Al killed the last ogrillon. The platform crashed down again. Fianna, Kaylin and Caeli flew down. Al and Tom climbed down. Al slipped and fell 15 feet (feather fall activated on his ring). 3 troglodytes - Fianna threw darts, hitting 3. Another platform and doors-down the pit…

They walk up to the edge and see an opening on one side…the pit continues down. They winched the platform down to the opening and then went down and through. Chest on the floor and passage on other side of the natural cavern. Paralyzing gas came out of the chest.

Al used passwall from his ring. When he thought about it again, he realized everything was from the sides, not the top. The cave-in rocks have pick marks.

Freeport Ruins 4

Stone laid against the wall, pushed away revealed passage. A narrow passage on the left, wide on the right and continues straight. Rubble, mining equipment and bedrolls straight ahead. Coal slips away from our side. Bedrolls are dwarf side. Concealed door behind the coal bin. The pantry was set up in there.

The hallway had a passage to the left and light up ahead. 6 duergar were in the dining area. Fianna hit three with darts. Al attacked two. Kaylin attacked one. Tom used the wand of lightning. Two injured, four dead. They attacked. Fianna and Al finished them off.

45 mugs (20 gp ea), 6 leg bands (30 gp ea), barrels, 6 picks

Return to side tunnel—winds until there is a door and a right turn. Door to passage, turns right, circular room, prison cells - 2 orogs, 2 ogrillons. Return to passage-found a temple of Nerrull. Return to dining hall and explore other passage. Hall to right and door to left—pantry. Fianna puts her signet ring in this pantry. Kaylin got hit in the head with a hammer. Fianna killed him with her swords. Checking the room of the priest, they find ravings and tactical plans for the duergar worshipping Nerrull. Unholy book of Nerrull (25 gp). Warhammer and potion of speed.

Freeport Ruins 4

Hall continued to backside of concealed door. Sparsely supplied pantry and a regular door. Kitchen—3 duergar cooking. 2 golden pots (25 gp ea) and golden ladle. Stove, anvil and smithy tools. Fianna threw four darts and dropped two of the duergar. Al took out the last one. Through the door, dining room with 450 gp chandelier. 4 duergar with picks and gold leg bands. Fianna hit two duergar, Al attacked one and Kaylin attacked one. One attacked Kaylin after calling for back-up. Kaylin finished off her attacker. Fianna took the right passage and Al took the left. Al sees 16 duergar and has Tom send lightning bolt down the passage. Five duergar were left standing.

Freeport Ruins 4

Al killed one. Four attacked. Al killed two. Kaylin took out one. Tom joined Fianna. One attacked Al and he finished it off. Down the passage, wide columns in the cavern and mining evidence. Small passage in the middle and passage opposite. Cross the cavern to the opposite and follow the passage to a door and a narrow passage. Two dwarves riding giant spiders approach the door after it is opened. Fianna fireballed them, killing both spiders and one dwarf. Al finished off the duergar.

2 Gold horn (45 gp ea), 2 gold-studded leather saddle (100 gp ea), 2 gold leg bands (30 gp ea), gold dais (350 gp), 2 gold parrots (75 gp ea), gold candelabra (125 gp), 2 gold footstools (175 gp), chest with 453 gp, 14 ingots (25 gp ea), 8 steeder eggs

Freeport Ruins 4

Continue on in the narrow passage to a door: 2 locks. Fianna kicked it in. Small pile of gold items: 2 daggers (25 gp ea), 112 gp, unicorn statue (50 gp), 4 gold brooches (5 gp ea)

Hall continues to 4-way intersection- turn right. Found the pit. Go back to the 15’ wide and find the dead duergar. Circle around to the cavern and use the small passage-stool with arrow slit looking at pit. Return to the food pantry and wait for Forte to check in.

Freeport Ruins 4

Found a door that had not seemed to be opened. Went to the right. Triangle room on the left and concealed door on the right. Hall to 40’ X 40’ rough-hewn room. Triangle room was unfinished. Check the door-small room unfinished with a crate (196 gp, 2 10 gp gems, 2 100 gp gems and 3 50 gp gems).

Go back and straight through the kicked in door. Manure room. Concealed door to temple. Go back to the big door. Right at the T, smashed in doors. Down the stairs on the left. Doorway-broken armor/weapons. Down the stairs to door on the left. Tom cast knock. 2 zombies—Kaylin turns them with the amulet. 4 doors on each side. First door on the right-old bedchamber. Check across the hall and continue on. Moss agate (cursed item)

Backtrack a safe distance and then fireball the zombies. Fianna used a dweomer—no save.

Freeport Ruins 4

Kitchen has 4 zombies-Kaylin uses the amulet. One zombie was still up. Al finished it off. Pantry barrel led to trapdoor. Obvious door, kicked it down, corked bottles and bones. Al checked a bottle-smelled like vinegar soaked meat. He identified ogre flesh. Check the tunnel-debris. Chest in the rubble. Kaylin sent Caeli for Knock. Green gas pours out—3 crystal bottles. Go back to concealed door—stairs on the right. Table of 5 orogs. Tom used his lightning wand, killing them.

Down the stairs…4 ogrillons attempted to ambush.

Freeport Ruins 4

Al, Fianna and Kaylin attacked on each. Fianna, Kaylin and Al each killed one. The last one attacked Al, who killed him.

1110 gp in items

Staircase down to big room—attempts have been made to fix the defiled statue of Vaprak. Continue on and get troglodyte sweat dumped on them. Kaylin will set a wall of fire around a group (1/2 ogre and 3 orogs)—heat pointing in. Tom cast Black Tentacles. One orog rushed passed but 2 ogrillons and 1 orog were caught. Fianna threw darts at the caught ogrillons and orog. Al took out the other orog.

62 gp, 10 gp gem

Freeport Ruins 4

Fianna used a dweomer and fireballed the troglodytes in the sauna. Locked door-used key. 5 orogs jumped out. Fianna attacked one for 44 pts. Al killed two. One attacked Fianna and one attacked Al. Fianna killed one and Al did 20 pts.

Freeport Ruins 4

175 gp, 5 pp

Door led to room with concealed door (stairs down). Back to hall—room of troglodytes. Fianna used dweomer to cast fireball (60’ on target) for 19 pts. Door on left has 4 duergar-Tom talked to them with Tongues. He offered 10gp ea. On the right were 2 duergar-Tom offered them the same deal. Upstairs from guard room, 6 troglodytes, 2 ogrillons, 3 orogs cooking a spitted adventurer. Fianna fireballed (24 pts) the troglodytes using a dweomer. Tom did 28 pts to the ogrillons using lightning. Kaylin took one orog out while Al took out 2.

Freeport Ruins 4

2 adventurers are in the cells, halfling (5th thief) and gnome (5th illusionist). Fianna gave each a toga, a dagger and a 100gp gem. She gives the gnome her wand of lightning and the halfling 10 darts.

Kaylin used a Cure Light Wounds on herself and on each prisoner. (3 pts on herself, 1 pt on the halfling, 7 pts on the gnome). Kaylin and the halfling each take a dose of xtra healing potion. (13 pts, 17 pts).

Freeport Ruins 4

Forte checks in: halfling and gnome go to the village. Pass over treasure that had been collected. Kaylin sent Caeli for Cantrip to clean up the group. They return to the stairs going down and find the trapdoor down to the loft and the pit. Double-doors open to hallway passed the doors on the side. Double-doors to end of hall door. Secret door on the right led to river. Open door to hall, turns left and door on the right. Open the door. Coal fire-guards leap up. 4 ogrillons and 2 orogs. Fianna threw four darts (16, 17, 17, 17) at the 4 ogrillons, leaving one alive. Al attacked the orogs, killing both. Kaylin killed the last ogrillon with her sling bullets.

Freeport Ruins 4

2 armbands (45 gp ea), 4 noserings (12 gp ea), empty cask

hallway continues, turns left, door on the right. Open the door-folded up cots line the walls. 2 orogs wearing platemail carrying scimitars are sleeping?

2 platinum neckbands (70 gp ea), armory

concealed door in hall, hallway to door on the right and peep holes on the left. Troglodytes were sleeping—Tom used his wand of lightning.

Freeport Ruins 4

Door leads to small room with sealed barrels—Fianna tosses amulet into corner behind the barrels. Return to secret door, find Vaprak statue, knock it down, go down the trapdoor tunnel and find 12 skeletons. Kaylin used her amulet. Mud pit with 3 ways onward—right hand led to explored areas. Straightaway led to chamber with staircase up to rubble and finished cavern. Wall bricked up hall. Go back to the pit and go down.

Water falls down the lift shaft. Cracks in the wall, running water. Cavern full of water. Double doors to the north and secret door the east, single door to the south. Double doors lead to staircase going down. Stairs on the right, door to the left (need to swim for either). Leave amulet and check single door to the south. Hall left, door right. Door leads to clean hall ends in double doors and double doors on the left. First set of double-doors has been caved in, small caved in but navigable narrow tunnel. Double-doors at the end pulled open to reveal collapsed tunnel.

Freeport Ruins 4

Try to navigate the space in the wide tunnel. Squishy, decay around them as the tunnel ends in a room. A dead ogre in the bed under a boulder. Hallway to caved in narrow tunnel and hallway out. Staircase to water-continual light stone shows door under the water.

Fianna cast dweomer for water breathing and made a magical item instead. Kaylin sent Caeli for water breathing but after an hour and 10 minutes, no spell.

(Amulet in 519)

Freeport Ruins 4

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