In Search of Adventure

Freeport Castle 6

Dungeon Mapping 6

After replacing stoneskins and obtaining magic items from the coin-operated dispenser, the group began preparing for another foray into the dungeons.

Wand of Wonder (87)—Fianna

Wand of Fire (91)—Win

Wand of Lightning (99)—Win

Wand of Lightning (94)—Forte

Wand of Lightning (92)—Kaylin

Wand of Lightning (81)—Tom

Wand of Polymorph (87)—Forte

Boots of Elvenkind—Bart

Boots of Speed—Char

Ring of Protection+2—Char

Boots of Striding and Springing—Win

Wand of Conjuration (83)—Win

Pair of Gold Lion Figurines of Wonder—Al

Flametongue longsword+1—Win

Ring of Protection+2—Win, Forte, Fianna, Al, Harry

Pearl of Sirens—Win


100 pp
1500 gp
4 gems (500 gp)
56 gems (200 gp)

Each PC’s share of the loot

Freeport Castle 6

Ebony door flanked by ivory gargoyles. Genericus Brant is written above the door. A glowing blue wall appeared behind them. Rostros the Well-Robed appeared to give a message (not clear) from an agate broach. The 8 busts were made of alabaster and the features were sanded off. They headed east and went into the Trademark Room. Ernst Magor asked if they had all of the paperwork.

Freeport Castle 6

They found Slash and Hack and filled out the paperwork to trademark the Hack and free him from the dungeon. They take the maps to Herzog, who apologized for trusting the wrong people. After all, the saviors of Sir Cumference wouldn’t have tried to trick him.

He gave them 4000 gp for the maps and 2000 gp for saving his friend.

Freeport Castle 6

They went down a waxy chute after the killer bees and found 10 B-Men Agents, killing them quickly.

10 hall passes, 10 guns of honeyed globs (100 charges), and 1300 pp.

Freeport Castle 6

Hall pass, gun of honeyed glob from the B-man jailer. Forte asked the werebears to wait for them because there’s food at the village. The next room had 41 B-Men. The captain and 26 agents were flying and 14 agents were grounded. Fireball for 35 pts. Bart did 30 additional points to the captain, killing him. Win sent fireball for 23 pts, killing 16. Ferozah did 8, 5, 4 and 6 pts. Al hit one on the ground for 17 pts, killing it. The remaining 17 tried to honey glob the group from the air.

Freeport Castle 6

Forte killed them with a 31 pt fireball. 42 guns of honeyed glob, 41 hall passes, hat of fire resistance.

Freeport Castle 6

yellow jacket of protection from rain

Freeport Castle 6

Forte gave 42 spectators hall passes, keeping 2. Twenty-four followed the group to spectate. Win made a tube of force so the party could get passed the animated honey wall and then they snuck passed Otto the beholder dance choreographer. They went up the garbage suction tubes.

5 female priests: banded mail, antennae and swords of stinging

Freeport Castle 6

Demi-Plane of Flowers
Silly and Unused Monsters

Freeport Castle 6

On the B-52 bomber, Aunt Bee opened the door. Ferozah set up a wall of force to protect the group. Forte sent a 36 pt fireball in, severing the attached tubes. Win sent a 21 pt fireball in. Aunt Bee sent Flamestrike to the other side of the door. Forte did 21 pts of lightning. Win did 21 pts of lightning. Aunt Bee sent Bee Barrier to the other side of the door. Aunt Bee was re-attached to the tubes while Forte waited for Dispel Magic. Win did 20 pts of fire damage, killing off her support staff and severing the sac tubes. Forte sent magic missiles at her (16 pts). She saved v polymorph wand. Forte did another 18 pts. She cast insect plague. Forte did 17 pts. She made her save. Forte did 18 pts. She made her save. Forte did 15 pts. She made her save. Forte did 30 pts, killing her.

Freeport Castle 6

Royal Jelly Food Sac : regenerates 3d8+3times1d4+1
Apron of Protection+3
4 longsword of stinging+2
4 gold necklaces (5000 gp ea)
20 hall passes
20 guns of honeyed glob

Freeport Castle 6

They found a pink/purple polka-dot 2-headed troll. (50 hp) From the fireball and oil, he took 25 pts. Win slashed him for 21 pts. Ferozah did 12 pts of damage, killing it. They found 100 pp and a 100gp gem.

Freeport Castle 6

26100gp/5 = 5220 gp per PC
1400pp/5 = 280 pp per PC

Freeport Castle 6

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