In Search of Adventure

Freeport Ruins 6
May the 4th be with you

Member shares: 4975 gp, 2 sp

Magic: Potion of gaseous form, Potion of Sweetwater

Renew: Tattoos (Caster Level, Attacks per round, WIS, Spell slot, All saves, AC), stoneskin (1d4+5)

Freeport Ruins 5
Taking on water

Lyshana, Harry and Al prepared to return to the water covered area in the dungeons. They tried to get water action magic items. Al got a pyramid (mummy to gold dust), portable hole and Luckblade. Harry got a helm of underwater action, beanstalk to space, and a dancing sword attack. Fianna got a pumpkin field turned to 4 scarecrows, 2 helms of underwater action.

Freeport Ruins 4
road so far

335305 in gold split among the party members: 67061 gp each

500220 in silver: 100044 sp ea

1000000 in copper: 200000 cp ea


armor, weapons


magic items

Freeport Ruins 3
Archer at bottom of stairs

Win, Ferozah, Smoke, Fianna, Kaylin, Caeli, Al, Tom, Clark and Brock rested up and prepared to go in again the next morning.  They had Galohmohgen cast stoneskin on Clark (8). Fianna scried her amulet, which had been placed at the top of the stairs at a secret door.

Freeport Ruins 2
Gold Tower

Fianna, Kaylin, Al, Tom, Win, Ferozah and Smoke prepared to go back to the dungeon. Win carried the scroll of teleport and potions of xtra healing. Kaylin carried the scroll of cure serious wounds. Galohmoghen cast stoneskin on everyone previously and the dragon cast their tattoos (bonus attack, caster level, saves, to hit, WIS).

On the road again
new dungeons

Bridge led to central plateau. There were two other plateaus, one on the right and one on the left.

Interim 2
Prepping for Freeport Ruins

Triple class: 15 weeks, 1500 gp

Double class: 10 weeks, 1000 gp

Single class: 5 weeks, 500 gp

Triple class henchmen: 9 weeks, 900 gp

Double class henchmen: 6 weeks, 600 gp

Single class henchmen: 3 weeks, 300 gp

Freeport Castle 6
Dungeon Mapping 6

After replacing stoneskins and obtaining magic items from the coin-operated dispenser, the group began preparing for another foray into the dungeons.

Wand of Wonder (87)—Fianna

Wand of Fire (91)—Win

Wand of Lightning (99)—Win

Wand of Lightning (94)—Forte

Wand of Lightning (92)—Kaylin

Wand of Lightning (81)—Tom

Wand of Polymorph (87)—Forte

Boots of Elvenkind—Bart

Boots of Speed—Char

Ring of Protection+2—Char

Boots of Striding and Springing—Win

Wand of Conjuration (83)—Win

Pair of Gold Lion Figurines of Wonder—Al

Flametongue longsword+1—Win

Ring of Protection+2—Win, Forte, Fianna, Al, Harry

Pearl of Sirens—Win

Freeport Castle 5
Dungeon Mapping 5

After 12 weeks of training and 4 weeks of renewing stoneskin, the group prepared to return to the dungeons.  Harry, Heavy, Al, Forte, Char and Bart gathered their gear for the return trip.

Freeport Castle 4
Dungeon Mapping 4 Hellivator

After a couple temporary fatalities, they found their way to the Hellivator.

Up-"Ye Tome of Inestimable Knowledge" 

Down-"Diamond and Amethyst Keys"


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